Canadian prime minister stands up for women’s health


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau waves a gay Pride flag. / Photo (cc) 2011 Justin Ling

International women’s health organizations received a helping hand from everyone’s favorite prime minister earlier this month.

Throughout the semester, I’ve been writing about the Mexico City Policy—an executive order that President Donald J. Trump signed just three days after his inauguration that cut off federal funds to nongovernmental organizations that perform or provide information on abortions.

Since the Mexico City Policy—also known as the “global gag rule”—was enacted by Ronald Reagan in 1984, it has been repealed by every successive Democratic president and reinstated by every Republican president.

The policy is expected to cause a shortfall in NGO funding of $600 million over the next four years. Earlier this month, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, held a last-minute international conference to raise money for the NGOs that would be affected by Trump’s executive order. They raised $190 million—still less than half of what was needed to bridge the gap.

That’s where Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau swooped in. Trudeau pledged $650 million over the next three years for women’s reproductive health and sex education worldwide.

Thankfully, NGOs now won’t be too affected by the Mexico City Policy. While our president aimed to sever women’s health rights abroad, condemning millions to unwanted motherhood and sometimes even death, Trudeau stepped in and proved that he is the progressive hero this world needs right now.


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